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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy





Hellas.Properties e-shop has created this website for the sole purpose of serving their customers.


Using Hellas.Properties e-shop, the user acknowledges that, when he/she places an order through it, it is necessary to provide certain information relating to Personal Data, which shall be processed and possibly kept in a file, for which Hellas.Properties is characterized as Data Controller.  


Collection and processing of Personal Data aims to record the contractual relationship with Hellas.Properties, control, improve and adapt it to any preferences and choices related to goods, and send administrative, technological, organizational and/or commercial information on Hellas.Properties by electronic or traditional means. The user has the right to have access to the file, at any time, and ask for the correction or erasure of any data concerning him/her.


Hellas.Properties has developed legal protection measures on their premises, in their systems and files. Hellas.Properties warrants the confidentiality and security of personal data, they may disclose, however, certain personal data or any other information kept by them or accessible through their systems to the competent public authorities, if this is dictated by an applicable provision of the law. The user ensures and is responsible for the veracity, accuracy, validity, authenticity, and relevance of any personal data communicated to Hellas.Properties.


Subject to the explicit consent of the user, Hellas.Properties provides visitors with the opportunity to be informed of any new goods available on the market and of any offers etc., by sending advertising/information messages in electronic form (emails) or by telephone. In any case, the user has the right to stop receiving such promotional emails whenever he/she wishes.


When a user sends any request to Hellas.Properties, such information shall remain confidential and shall only be used for the action requested. The content shall not be transferred to any third party except for the recipient directly concerned and the legal authorities, if this is requested by Hellas.Properties, or if the content of the email is offensive or harmful to Hellas.Properties or to any third parties, whose interests should be protected by the company (third party users, suppliers, etc.). Within the framework of the legislation on Telecommunications Privacy, the user shall have the rights to information and objection provided for by articles 11 to 13 of Law 2472/1997 on personal data.


Personal Information
collected by Hellas.Properties


Any visitor can navigate the website of Hellas.Properties without giving any personal information. We shall only need your personal data (your email, username, password and photo) when you want us to contact you.



We collect, process and store personal data in accordance with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR) and the provisions of the relevant laws on the protection of personal data only for the reasons given below.


For the purposes of concluding commercial transactions and sending newsletters, i.e., important information emails relating to our trading conditions, on the one hand, and to any information on products, services, and activities of our company, on the other.


Cookies are small files stored on your computer, tablet, mobile phone, or any other device you use to navigate. Every cookie contains information including, among others, the name of the website it comes from, its life, and a value usually consisting of letters and numbers. Cookies allow us to store anonymous information, including your navigation preferences, or whether you have visited our website again. We at Hellas.Properties use cookies to make your navigation easier and better respond to your interests and needs, while improving the usability and functionality of our website.


Occasionally, a cookie file may be stored on your PC to improve the effectiveness of this website and/or of our services provided to you. Most browsers are set to accept cookies. You can change your settings to decline all cookies, or be notified whenever a cookie is sent. If you deactivate the reception of cookies, certain options provided on our website may be unavailable and certain pages may not be displayed correctly.


The duration of information storage depends on the type of cookie used. Session cookies are deleted when you close the browser, while persistent cookies typically have expiry dates ranging between two months and a few years. Persistent cookies may be deleted by the user himself/herself.


Purposes of Use

The use of some cookies is necessary for performing core functionalities on our website and cookies are considered technically essential for connection to the website, or for provision of an online service. These cookies are essential for the operation of the website and they allow us to give you a pleasant experience when you visit our website. Such Cookies are:

Cookies which are necessary for the recognition and/or preservation of any content introduced by the subscriber or user during a session on a website, throughout that session. For example, such cookies are essential when filling out an online form.

Cookies which are necessary for the authentication of the user at different parts of the site requiring an authentication.


Under no circumstances may cookies be used for recording of personal data of the user. In addition, they do not take note of any files on the user’s PC.


SSL Security Protocol

The Company has taken all necessary measures, using the latest and most advanced methods, to ensure the maximum security of personal data and of any electronic transactions. All information relating to the personal data of the users, shall be treated as confidential, using a SSL Protocol, 128-bit encryption, for safe online commercial transactions. The SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol is now the global standard on the Internet for the certification of websites for network users and encryption of data between users and web servers. An encrypted SSL communication requires that any information sent between a client and a server be encrypted by the sending software and be decrypted by the acceptance software, thus protecting any personal information during transfer. In addition, any information sent through the SSL protocol are protected by a mechanism that automatically verifies whether such data has been changed during transfer.



The Certificate of Conformity (GDPR) awarded by SWISS APPROVAL is based upon the requirements of the New EU Data Protection Regulation, which was adopted on 27 April 2016 and enters into force with significant changes compared to the previous applicable framework, which, in turn, shall lead to functional changes for entities/organizations, structural requirements, and changes in the information management culture.
We are aware of these changes and we have drawn up and implemented an action plan for covering any potential operational gaps, in accordance with the new requirements of the legal framework.


Users under 18

For users under the age of 18, prior consent of the parents/guardians is mandatory in any case of giving personal data to the website of Hellas.Properties.