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About Hellas Properties

About Hellas Properties

3C was founded in Greece in 2006.

  Its purpose was business consulting and until 2012 it was active mainly in the field of investment programs, marketing and staff training.

  In 2012, due to the Greek crisis, it moved its activity to Bulgaria.

  From 2021 it expanded its activity in the field of private investments for the sale of Greek real estate to foreign buyers.

  Its innovations in this new market are the following:

1. Works as a consultant only for the buyer's side.

2. Each prospective buyer communicates in the language of their choice with people in the company who have that language as their mother language.

3. Offers all the necessary specialized services required to acquire a property in Greece up to the stage of closing the agreement (lawyers, accountants, engineers). These services concern the pre-contractual inspection of real estate and are provided free of charge.

4. It offers the possibility to the buyers to entrust it to manage the property on their behalf, securing their income.

5. Undertakes to complete unfinished properties or renovate when needed